Past Webinars

Live Q& A for Juniors at Madeira School
| Saturday 10/9/21
A few of our team members are alums from Madeira school, and as the team started building our college admission consulting market place startup, we wanted to give back to the schools that nurtured and grew us.

For this session, we realized the anxiety we had when we were juniors: What is the best summer plan for my junior year? What classes should I be taking next year? When should I start planning for my applications? etc. Some of us were lucky to receive tremendous help from others within our network, so the goal of this session was to be able to offer help to fellow Madeira girls.

Therefore, this 30-min college webinar was exclusively for Juniors at Madeira. It was free event and students might bring along friends and families. We started off with a 10 minutes introduction of ourselves and our journeys, and we opened up the floor to answer questions from the audience.

This event was similar to the other Live Q&A session for Juniors at Madeira School, but we focused on content specifically designed for high school seniors.

We discussed when the best time is to start your personal statement and school essays, tips for keeping track of all applications and deadlines, and lastly how to prepare for interviews.
Live Q& A for Seniors at Madeira School
| Saturday 9/25/21